Our Proud Heritage

From humble beginnings as a cartage business on the streets of Chicago to the world's most trusted name in secure transportation and logistics services.


Prompt reaction and speed of transfer are two reasons why banks and trading institutes rely on us for a complete risk management solution. Additional reasons include our network services in over 110 countries worldwide; Rapid and accurate banknote sorting, counterfeit detection, wrapping, packing and storage. We employ specialists with expertise in the supply of ECI (Extended Custodian Inventory) facilities and the transport of currency to and from the ECI.


We are strategically located, both locally and globally, to provide the best solutions possible to this ever-changing industry. We operate on the basis of trust and integrity. We have a record which speaks volumes about the steadfastness of our services, the professionalism of our people and the care we give our customers and their valuables.

Starting at the diamond mines, and continuing through all the processes to a polished stone, Brink's has the expertise to support this ever-evolving marketplace. We remain committed to the Kimberley Process, shipping rough and polished diamonds to grading institutes (round trip or one way) and safely transporting goods from mines to dealers, polishers, manufacturers and wholesalers.

Government and Central Banks

Brink’s Hong Kong provides customised services for government bodies and central banks for secure transport of banknotes, precious metals and sensitive documents. We protect not only their high-value items, but also the reputation and values for which government and central banks stand for.

High-Tec, Prototype & Electronic Components

The risks involved in transportation of new pharmaceutical drugs, electrical components or a strategic commodity are different than mainstream valuables. Brink’s Hong Kong is geared to answer the need and provides you with the key to peace of mind.

Precious Metals

We understand how important speed of quote and service is for anyone trading in bullion and/or platinum group metals. Therefore we concentrate on a fast response in order to help you retain that all-important competitive advantage.

Brink's Global Services in New York is an authorized depository for NYMEX/Comex and our headquarters in London is market accepted as a warehouse for the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) as well as an approved Weigh Master.

Therefore, we can offer a comprehensive inventory service including daily reporting on stock positions, facilities for third party inspection and assaying, and provide full liability for your stock held by Brink's.